PALLETISING & TURN-KEY Systems Specialists

Robotic Systems

AZ-PAK SYSTEMS is an accredited FUJI-ACE robot systems specialist.

AZ-PAK uses FUJI-ACE Robots: The worlds leading ROBOT PALLETISER. FUJI YUSOKI have been developing, supplying and improving palletising technology for over 40 years. There experience, sharp focus and dedication to the palletising industry have positioned FUJI YUSOKI to provide the best possible solutions for all your palletising needs.

AZ-PAK SYSTEMS offers robotic solutions for CARTONS and BAGS. FULLY AUTOMATIC solutions where pallets or specifically designed SLEDS are conveyed along a conveyor, as pictured above. Or SEMI AUTOMATIC systems where the robot palletises to pallets stacked on the ground.

Models offered:

- EC-61: palletising capacity 450 to 800 bags per hour

- EC-101: palletising capacity 750 to 1200 bags per hour

- EC-171: palletising capacity 1000 to 1400 bags per hour

- EC-201: palletising capacity 1500 to 1800 bags per hour

AZ-Pak Systems has specially designed conveyors to interface with the ROBOT SYSTEM

AZ-Pak Systems Robot Pick-up conveyor, Elevating Flattenning conveyor, Pacing Conveyor, Check-Weighing Conveyors, Metal Detector conveyors, Robot Loading Station Conveyors, Discharge and Accumulation Conveyors, Bag Kicking Conveyors and Reject Conveyors. 

AZ-PAK SYSTEMS robot reject system allows product to be rejected by the robot (no manual handling). The FUJI robot interfaces with and IN-LINE CHECK-WEIGHER and / or an IN-LINE METAL DETECTOR.

AZ-PAK SYSTEMS safety systems designed to allow entry when safe. The entry is controlled by traffic lights and safety gates. The overall control is carried out by SICK C & M series light curtains monitored by specifically designed software. The safety gates are monitored by guard master safety switches and specifically designed software.