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AZ-Pak Systems has a full range of Automatic Bagging Machines.
Custom made by AZ-Pak Systems to suite your product applications, or imported from a range of suppliers.
AZ-Pak Systems sells NewLong Automatic Bagging equipment.

AZ-Pak Systems has installed 2 NewLong Automatic bagging machines as follows:

1. Mossman Central Sugar Installation: NewLong DUAL Bagger 3CM-PDS with sewing machine and crepe over tape, which can output 1800 25Kg bags of sugar per hour. AZ-Pak Systems modified 4 bagging scales above the NewLong to handle the rate. The up-grade included the installation of 4 A&D Mercury SCALE CONTROLLERS and controls. The installation also included a FUJI-ACE EC-201 (1800 bags per hour) Robot materials handling Palletiser. The robot had the ability to REJECT product that was determined to be under / over-weight (CHECK-WEIGHER) and product with metal (METAL DETECTOR) to a location specified by the customer.

2. Beresford Park Distribution Installation: NewLong Single Head Bagger (with touch screen control) and Heat Seal Machine 3CM-PD + HS22, which can output an arrary of products at 12 plus bags per hour. The installation included a NewLong Heat Sealer and a volumetric feeder designed by AZ-Pak.
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