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AZ-Pak Systems has an affordable range of IBC BULK BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT.
We have STANDALONE units and FULLY AUTOMATIC UNITS all at affordable prices.

IN-LINE METAL DETECTION IS ALSO POSSIBLE. No need to stop production when metal is detected due to AZ-Pak Systems REJECT In PRODUCT FLOW software. The metal is rejected before it reaches the Bulk Bag.

Stand alone systems with one to two man operation comprise of:
Frame Works, Bulk bag filling tube suited to your bulk bag neck, Radial Catch gate for main and fine feed flow, 3000kg scale base mounted over head, Suspension hooks to mount the bulk bag off, Scale controller. The pallet sits on the ground to be placed and removed by fork truck. One to two man operation depending on production rate. In-line metal detection option available.
Automatic systems with man man operation:
Pallet Dispenser, Slip-Sheet Dispenser, Empty Pallet Conveyors, Conveyor scale (3000kg weighing base located in the conveyor frame), one button press operation, Inflateable spout with dust ext6raction, Radial Catch for main and fine feed flow, Discharge and accumulation Conveyors. The filled bag is removed by fork truck.
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