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Tailor made FUJI-ACE Robotic and TURN KEY systems at affordable prices.
Robotic systems for bags and cartons.
AZ-Pak Systems ROBOTIC / TURN KEY systems interface with a large range of AZ-Pak specifically designed equipment as follows:
Robot Pick-up Conveyors, Elevating Flattenning Conveyors, Pacing Conveyors.
Power Curves, Bag Kicking Conveyors, Bagging Conveyors, Pallet Dispensers, 
Slip-Sheet Dispensers, Loading Station Conveyors with Pallet Squaring, Accummulation Conveyors, Discharge Conveyors and Stretch Wrappers.


EC-61: 450 to 800 bags per hour.
EC-101: 750 to 1200 bags per hour.
EC-171: 1000 to 1400 bags per hour.
EC-201: 1500 to 1800 bags per hour.

There are few places in Australia where you will find a PACKAGING SYSTEMS MANUFACTURER who, under the one roof so to speak, design and manufacture SYSTEMS TAILORED to meet specific CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS.

AZ-Pak Systems, situated in Newcastle NSW Australia is one such company dedicated to supply Australian made equipment to there many clients, who expect the best quality at reasonable PRICES.

Our Systems are of solid construction and will stand the test of time.
AZ-Pak Systems has a quality range of HI-SPEED In-Line CHECK-WEIGHERS  and METAL DETECTORS.
The CHECK-WEIGHER and METAL DETECTORS can interface with the FUJI-ACE ROBOT with AZ-Paks CONTROL REJECT SOFTWARE INTERFACE. This allows the robot to REJECT product that is either under / over-weight or reject product that contains metal.

The robot will reject the above conditions to a specific location to seperate the rejected product from the good product. Thus allowing easy removal from inside or outside of the safety fence.

Reject conveyors are also available for systems that are not using ROBOT PALLETISERS.

In-line METAL DETECTORS are also available for 1 Tonne Bulk Bag Fillers (IBC). This metal detector has an ACTIVE REJECT SYSTEM. If metal is detected, the metal is rejected by a product reject flap. No need to stop the filling cycle as the contaminated product is rejected before it gets to the BULK BAG (IBC bag).
AZ-Pak Systems has a quality range of NETT and GROSS WEIGHING equipment.
We have the ability to TAILOR make Nett and Gross weighers to suit our customers specifications. We also have quality Nett and Gross weighers on hand from our over seas suppliers.

All at affordable prices.

AZ-Pak Systems has its own SCALE CONTROLLER! The AZ-Pak A290 Fast Track Controller, which is fully programmable to meet the requirements of our many Clients.
AZ-Pak also offers other controllers such as A&D Scale controllers and Ranger Scale Controllers

Nett and Gross Weighers / Scales on offer:

Duplex Nett / Gross Weighers, Simplex Nett / Gross Weighers, Gravity Fed Weighers, Belt Fed Weighers, Volumetric Feeders, and Screw Feeders.

A vast range of weighing equipment and feeders to suit a vast range of products.
AZ-Pak PALLET DISPENSERS are of a heavey duty construction and take the toughest knocks by fork trucks.
AZ-Pak's Pallet Dispensers can hold from 1 to 20 pallets. The Pallet Dispenser integrates with the Fuji Robot System to Dispense pallets as called by the robot. You have a pallet ready to be loaded ahead of time. Pallet transfer times as low as 1.5 seconds. The Pallet Dispenser comes with its own Empty Pallet Conveyor built into the frame.
The Pallet Dispenser works in conjunction (can be seperate) with the AZ-Pak Systems SLIP-SHEET DISPENSER. The AZ-Pak Systems Slip-Sheet Dispenser can dispense CARD BOARD Slip-Sheets, PAPER Slip-Sheets, and PLASTIC Slip-Sheets. Depending on your needs the AZ-Pak Slip-Sheet Dispenser can Slip-Sheet any material to your empty pallet top surface.

The SLIP-SHEET DISPENSER and PALLET DISPENSER can be purchased seperatly or added in later. AZ-Pak has a simple modular design.
AZ-Pak Systems offers a complete range of Load Securement Solutions…..from basic hand applications and semi automatic machines through to In-line, High Speed, Fully Automatic Machines and Turn Key Systems, Consumables and Technical Support.
AZ-Pak Systems offer the most comprehensive ranges of Stretch Wrapping Machines available in the market today. 
Atlanta Stretch and Area Srl are world leaders in their respective fields.

Atlanta Stretch design and manufacture some of the most unique and cutting-edge stretch wrapping machines for the wrapping of palletised and unitised loads. 
From the versatile SFERA, self propelled, semi automatic stretch wrapping machine and Mytho Easy range of turntable semi automatic stretch wrapping machines, through to the uniquely designed turntable Mytho-A automatic stretch wrapper, the simple design and efficient Revolution rotary arm stretch wrapper and the Worlds fastest automatic stretch wrapping machine, the Omega, Eurostrap can offer an Atlanta stretch wrapping system to match any needs and fulfil any criteria.
AZ-Pak Systems has a full range of Automatic Bagging Machines.
Custom made by AZ-Pak Systems to suite your product applications, or imported from a range of suppliers.
AZ-Pak Systems sells NewLong Automatic Bagging equipment.

AZ-Pak Systems has installed 2 NewLong Automatic bagging machines as follows:

1. Mossman Central Sugar Installation: NewLong DUAL Bagger 3CM-PDS with sewing machine and crepe over tape, which can output 1800 25Kg bags of sugar per hour. AZ-Pak Systems modified 4 bagging scales above the NewLong to handle the rate. The up-grade included the installation of 4 A&D Mercury SCALE CONTROLLERS and controls. The installation also included a FUJI-ACE EC-201 (1800 bags per hour) Robot materials handling Palletiser. The robot had the ability to REJECT product that was determined to be under / over-weight (CHECK-WEIGHER) and product with metal (METAL DETECTOR) to a location specified by the customer.

2. Beresford Park Distribution Installation: NewLong Single Head Bagger (with touch screen control) and Heat Seal Machine 3CM-PD + HS22, which can output an arrary of products at 12 plus bags per hour. The installation included a NewLong Heat Sealer and a volumetric feeder designed by AZ-Pak.
AZ-Pak Systems has an affordable range of IBC BULK BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT.
We have STANDALONE units and FULLY AUTOMATIC UNITS all at affordable prices.

IN-LINE METAL DETECTION IS ALSO POSSIBLE. No need to stop production when metal is detected due to AZ-Pak Systems REJECT In PRODUCT FLOW software. The metal is rejected before it reaches the Bulk Bag.

Stand alone systems with one to two man operation comprise of:
Frame Works, Bulk bag filling tube suited to your bulk bag neck, Radial Catch gate for main and fine feed flow, 3000kg scale base mounted over head, Suspension hooks to mount the bulk bag off, Scale controller. The pallet sits on the ground to be placed and removed by fork truck. One to two man operation depending on production rate. In-line metal detection option available.
Automatic systems with man man operation:
Pallet Dispenser, Slip-Sheet Dispenser, Empty Pallet Conveyors, Conveyor scale (3000kg weighing base located in the conveyor frame), one button press operation, Inflateable spout with dust ext6raction, Radial Catch for main and fine feed flow, Discharge and accumulation Conveyors. The filled bag is removed by fork truck.
AZ-Pak Systems has a large range of in-line HEAT SEALING Equipment and SEWING EQUIPMENT from NEWLONG.
Other brands are also available.

NEWLONG Bag Top Trimming is also available. Bag top trimming aids in the presentation of the bag to the pallet. The bag top trimmer allows a neater pallet stack.The product butts against itself much better, stopping any loose ends over-hanging the pallet.

Heat Seal Equipment, Sewing Equipment and Bag Top Trimmers at affordable prices.
AZ-Pak Systems has a range of portable and fixed AIR COMPRESSORS to suit your air consumption requirements.

AZ-Pak Systems has a vast range of air compressors from 12CFM to 300CFM to meet our customers air demands.

AZ-Pak is able to determine you air consumption and supply the right AIR COMPRESSOR to match your AIR demands.